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From heaven to earth.

Revelation to Reality.

When revelation becomes reality, destiny is released, and biblically divine lifestyles become the new normal. This isn’t for superstars, it’s for everyone who seeks to conform their life to the image of Christ. The days ahead demand unusual clarity and penetrating insight, the kind that only springs from high places of revelation when the Word and Spirit come together.

Content, Courses, and a Community of people seeking their Path To Purpose in Christ.

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Join us on YouTube for tender and encouraging insights inspired by the Song of Solomon that will help you cultivate more intimacy, confidence and communion with Jesus.

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Apostolic foundations.
Biblically articulate revelation.
Anointed impartation.

Critical insights for the ekklesia to advance toward maturity, union with Christ, and the restoration of all things.

Join the Resistance

We live in days of crisis and glory. Though the nations rage, God has an ancient, unswerving plan. He is neither caught off guard, nor lacking in power. Don’t be content to sit back and watch the gates of Hades prevail. 

Join the Resistance. Follow my FB Page to keep in touch with our Devo+Prayer Livestreams. We want to equip you in your journey from victim to victor. The ekklesia is rising! You are invited to take your place in the legislative council of Heaven.

Champion Press Books

Champion Press brings inspiration for every season of life and every member of the family. Revelation from the secret place to inspire and equip. Practical tools for disciples, and fiction for heroes. New releases coming this year.


"In the same vein as master fantasy writers J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis" —

As adults, we easily forget to dream. But when we are young, it’s simple: we want to be heroes, princesses and adventurers. The Legends of Karac Tor is a young adult fantasy series written for the hero in all of us, whether that unquenchable spark comes as a loud, roaring voice in our ears, or a tame, almost forgotten whisper. Come alive again as you join the Barlow Clan as they get swept into the wild adventures of The Hidden Lands, discover their power, and face a darkness that threatens to cover all.
Get it for your teen. Get it for yourself.

Longhairs — Discipleship for Millennials & Gen Z

"Raising a new breed of radical Nazirites"

Ekklesia Rising — Corporate Authority in Prayer

"Will fuel a flame of intercessory dominion in your soul" — Lou Engle

Consumed — Inspirational Fasting Devotional

"My soul took flight!" — Dennis Jernigan



"The kind of fiction this world desperately needs....a gripping read stuffed with emotion. You will remember for years."

– Ted Dekker, New York Times bestselling author

Give a gift that will open their eyes.

Twenty years before COVID-19, The Most Important Little Boy in the World told the shocking story of the gospel through the lens of a modern pandemic sweeping the world, and the terrible decisions facing a father and his unusually gifted son, who has the antidote in his blood. I rushed to re-release because this is truly a tale fit for the times.

I urge you: seize the Passover to Pentecost window of time to pray and reach out through the timeless power of story. As the world asks God to “pass over” once more (as in the days of Egypt), the church has a rare opportunity to turn the gaze of unbelievers toward the extraordinary love of God. One dollar could plant a seed, or open the door of salvation.

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Fresh insights to help you grow in Christ and reframe your world.

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