Grow up. Grow deep.
Become unshakeable.

Raising an end times company of fearless, mature sons and daughters of God obsessed with the total supremacy of Christ and committed to impacting culture as His ekklesia

Does it feel like you’re stuck in the shallow end in your relationship with God?

Here’s the sad truth: Not long after being born again, many Christians settle for second best. The slow, persistent toils of life combine with the soul-sucking rituals of religiosity to slowly bury them in shallow living, soulish striving, and constant spiritual defeat. We’re told life with God is like a steak dinner, but the way the Bible is taught often feels like dry saltines, leaving a hollow question echoing in our soul: where is the wow? Can the mystery and depths of our ancient faith truly answer the emptiness of modern times?

“Finally the Bible makes sense!”

Here’s the happy truth: You can know God deeply, and live vibrantly. You can better understand who you are and are meant to be. The Holy Spirit is releasing powerful new ways to help you find your place in the big story God is telling. You are meant to live with fascination and divine purpose. You are meant to be excited and amazed by the Bible.

Get free of legalism. Discover your destiny. Grow up in God.

True discipleship through anointed, biblical teaching

Live deeply and authentically

Shift your inner world to another dimension of fruitfulness and peace with Biblical revelation that shifts your brain and heart at the same time.

Get free from religious legalism once and for all

What you do can’t compare to what He’s done. Fall in love with Jesus all over again and put the nail in the coffin of condemnation and doubt.

Become confident in Christ

Discover your destiny with dazzling inner clarity that can only come when the unity of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation all points to the completed work of Christ.

Cancel your subscription to spiritual defeat and subscribe to the privileges of grace

Rebuild your identity on the timeless foundations of the apostolic gospel. Shift your paradigm from an outcast orphan to a trusted son or daughter.

Transforming lives.

“Amazing teaching.”
—D. Morais

“What an eye opener! Totally challenged to go deeper.”
—L. Milton

“Opening doors to where the riches of His glory in the saints are revealed. It’s like a new dimension.”
—F. Melanson

“I have been a Christian for almost 40 years and never really understood these truths.”
—H. Craig

“Changed my life. I’m amazed.” – C. Craft

“So much fresh revelation!”
—N. Comeau

“I felt infused with understanding and revelation.”
—C. Fowler

“My fundamental belief about the grace of God has forever changed”
—K. Awuah

“New levels of glorious freedom!”
—B. Elliott

“My mind has been thoroughly blown. This course is so full of spiritual food . . . it’s liberating.” – M. Stewart

Equipping Moments

About Dean

Formerly a pastor and church planter, Dean Briggs serves the Body of Christ as an apostolic teacher and strategist. He consults movements and ministries, coaching leaders and executives across five continents. Currently, he serves the executive leadership team at The International House of Prayer in Kansas City. Whether speaking at a church or conference, or through his numerous books and video courses, Dean easily weds humor and anointing with unusual depth in the Word of God. His fresh revelation and unique perspective have helped countless people shift their paradigm of God and themselves.

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A Note from Dean

Discover for yourself what I’ve heard over and over: “I never saw that before! This changes everything!”

I know how hard it is to feel like you are not growing spiritually or feel stuck in your walk with God. I know the difficulty of knowing you are meant for more, but “that life” always seems one step away. I also know those liberating, joyous moments when God simply unlocks your heart, downloads destiny, and helps you finally see truths that have been waiting for you all along. I live to help others experience those “Aha!” moments from the Word of God so that the famous hymn becomes more than just song. My courses are packed with liberating, life-altering truths. You’ll truly say: “I once was blind, but now I see!”

Remember, Christians live by revelation, which means your faith cannot exceed your revelation. Moments of amazing grace are  important because that’s when everything changes. Experience for yourself…the change.

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