Prize Pack Contest Winners Announced!

First of all, thanks to everyone for playing. Since (re)releasing The Book of Names  in May, 2011, then Corus a month later, and Song of Unmaking in October, I’ve barely been able to engage in any real promotional efforts. Plus, as many of you know, I was waaaay behind on developing a meaningful Facebook connection with readers when this contest started. Hopefully, over the last 30+ days, you not only enjoyed the contest, but together we also launched something positive for the future success of the series. I’m very grateful for all the feedback, encouragement, readers, connections, books sold, Likes, buzz, exposure, etc. Please know, I don’t take any of it for granted. I hope not only to make readers and fans on this journey of fiction and fun, but also friends. I hope you enjoyed some fun times, and a lot of freebies.

Special thanks to my retail partner, for their promotional rate of $7.79 on all LoKT titles, and also Donita K. Paul for some cool bonus prizes.

Now, without further ado, I present the results of the Christmas 2011 Reader’s Dream Fantasy Prize Pack:


With 79 total votes for his “Slippers on the West Coast” photo reading The Song of Unmaking, Sam Jenne wins an iPod Shuffle and a signed copy of the first three books in The Legends of Karac Tor.

GRAND PRIZE (Drumroll please…)

The randomly drawn* winner is: Tracey Michaels!

Congratulations Tracey! You’ve got 48 YA fantasy novels and a new Kindle Fire coming your way!


We’ve also got some final, smaller prizes to finish awarding. Since some of these mini-contests allowed for the winner to choose their prize, these will now be dispersed on a “first come/first respond” basis. If you see your name and you have the option of which prize you receive, let me know ASAP. For example, if you want the remaining Donita K. Paul dragon necklace, there is only one. The first eligible winner to claim it gets it, until all remaining prizes are dispersed. If anything is left over—either in excess of a winner or unclaimed by the winner—I will include those things as part of the winnings for the Grand Prize and Second Prize.

One copy of Bible Explorer 4.0 will be or has already been sent to:

  • Hannah Web (winner of Easy Giveaway #2)
  • Mimi Pearson (winner of #5)

Winners of #6 and/or #7 include Sam Jenne, Noah Arsenault, Melinda K. Busch

You have the option of:

  1. Donita K. Paul dragon necklace
  2. Donita K. Paul: “The Dragon & the Turtle” and “D & T Go On Safari”
  3. One copy of Bible Explorer 4.0 (3 total available)
  4. Signed copy of The Song of Unmaking

Unclaimed winners of #4 include Carey Gyger and Jennifer Smith Sowers. You can claim a signed copy of The Song of Unmaking, or express your preference for one of the options listed above should any remain.

All winners, please email your final selections and mailing addresses to me by Friday, Dec. 9, so that I can have everything packaged and ready to ship by Monday, Dec. 12. I want to do my best to make sure all awards are received in time for Christmas, so help me help you with a timely response! Send your information to Please do not Facebook your info. Email it! Thank you.

Once again, thanks to all! I look forward to more years, more books, and…MORE together in the future. Have a legendary Christmas 2011!

* Method of random selection: After compiling all photo entries and bonus entries, I entered each person’s name on a spreadsheet, with one entry for every point earned over the course of the contest. I then checked and double-checked. A total of 224 entries resulted. I then used a random number generator found on the internet, entered the parameters 1-224, and the number 87 resulted. Field #87 on the spreadsheet was Tracey Michaels.

4 thoughts on “Prize Pack Contest Winners Announced!

  1. Thanks again for putting together a pretty epic contest… I hope you do another one in the future. I did all your polls but the, For future contests, I would prefer… I can’t really pick one of those answers… your contest was different from any I’ve ever been in and the grand prize was HUGE. You were excellent about staying in contact with all of us and explained things well.

    Congrats to all the winners! 🙂

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