“Consumed:” Unique 40-Day Devo Provides Fuel and Focus for Fasters

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Fullness is dullnessHunger is passion.

Consumed FBCoverJPGSometimes we need a personal reboot. We need a “burning bush” encounter, one close enough to feel the heat. Life has a way of growing cluttered, feeling dull. Modern society is so full of stuff—busy schedules, buffet lines, gadgets—that we’ve forgotten the discipline of denial. We don’t remember how to hunger, therefore we’ve forgotten how to be filled. Yet Jesus promised the opposite: if we hunger and thirst for righteousness, we will experience fullness. And nothing rekindles the inner fire like fasting.

“Do not neglect the Forty Days. It constitutes an imitation
of Christ’s way of life.”
— Ignatius of Antioch (35-108 A.D.)

Drawing inspiration from Psalm 40 and Isaiah 40, Consumed is written in simple, encouraging language, composed day-by-day during the author’s own forty day fast. Thus, the insights come to you in “real time” — exactly what you need for each day, like a friend who knows how to speak to your heart. Each brief, daily devotional helps to focus the soul in a posture of humility and repentance for the ultimate goal of personal renewal. Have you lost direction, focus, vibrancy? The ancient solution is to give yourself to an extended, 40-day fast. Don’t worry…you can do it!

Consumed also features:

  • Nuggets of wisdom from ancient and modern church fathers
  • Practical advice for managing your fast
  • Simple, daily guidance from physicians to maximize and safeguard your health
  • Space to journal your reflections each day
  • Medical insights into the benefits of fasting; also specific recommendations for structuring and ending your fast.
  • 600x600-1SPECIAL BONUS! Paperback owners can purchase the Kindle version at a huge discount. The ebook greatly enhances your fast with embedded links for further reading, along with daily hymns and meditations supplied by renowned worship leader, Dennis Jernigan. Dennis composed one song for each day during his own journey through Consumed. This means you get four albums of devotional worship, 40 songs…for only $2.99.


Dean’s words and insight to Psalm 40 and Isaiah 40 led me to places of creativity and passion for Jesus that my soul craved. His encouragements can actually be heard in each of the songs I received during my fast . . . Listen, no one thinks they can manage an extended fast, but when you do one you discover the grace of God in such unique and personal ways. Thanks to the wisdom and nourishments in Consumed, I progressed into my fast as an adventure with God, leading to a renewed mind, refreshed body, invigorated soul, and deeper faith. The benefits far outweigh a few days’ emptiness in your belly.” 

Don’t yield another day to the tyranny of excess and overindulgence. Confront your idols, focus your spirit on the presence of Christ within, and you will experience the unique grace of hunger. Burn again with love for God. Be consumed!

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