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The Church Era is Ending


An ancient paradigm made new again. No more celebrity, no more megachurch, just raw faith, stripped of glamor. Simple structures + exalted purpose. Small, nimble communities who live as brothers and sisters, maturing in love and forgiveness. Deeply Christ-centered, New Covenant agents who come together in Kingdom Outposts to target dark strongholds for spiritual dethronement.

Ekklesia Prayer Communities are united in purpose to intercede…and win.

Like it or not, ready or not, we stand on the cusp of perhaps the largest, most consequential shift in human history. This shift is not a new season, but an altogether new era, perhaps the first since the Protestant Reformation (and even bigger in its ramifications). Nations, politics, economics, and every human power center will be affected. The traditional church is now trapped in a downward spiral of vastly diminishing returns. Many will resist this change, preferring old wineskins and comfortable, well-worn religious systems to the perilous path of forging the future. Yet massive restructuring is all but guaranteed. The question is, who will lead, who will follow, and who will resist?

The Bible is no less true, the Holy Spirit no less powerful, and the gospel no less impacting than in Acts 2. The Father remains committed to shaping history through the internship of humanity as He prepares us to rule and reign with Christ in eternity. So if the Kingdom is not lacking, it must be the poverty of our models that history now judges as insufficient. We need a higher vision around which to organize than just another good Sunday service. We need new training modalities, new wineskins, i.e. vibrant communities possessing enough nutritive density from Scripture to sanctify, seal and deploy the ekklesia into higher dimensions of revelation and deeper degrees of transformation. We need a new equipping of the saints that is outward-facing to strategically target and confront strongholds of darkness.

In the Old Testament, the Levites alone were permitted to bear the ark of God’s glorious presence on their shoulders. This is a vivid picture of the nobility of the intercessor before God. No New Testament office or gifting surpasses our priestly vocation. Under both covenants, intercession carries His presence and purpose into the earth. More intercession is needed, but also better intercession, which means better equipped intercessors.

Ekklesia Academy trains leaders to raise up Ekklesia Prayer Communities.

Beginning this May, 2024, the very first Ekklesia Academy launches in Kansas City with a pilot group limited to 12 in person, and 20 online. In one sense, this represents the first wave of a new kind of training and deployment mechanism for Ekklesia-minded leaders and future coaches to establish highly effective Ekklesia Prayer Communities (EPC) across the earth. These small clusters will know how to pick a target of darkness and bring air superiority to the battlefield, shifting culture and salting the earth with kingdom hope.

Personally, having given myself deeply to this message since 2010, this new venture represents the culmination of fourteen years of preparation. I know the Lord has clearly spoken that I am to take the treasures He has revealed to me over the years to another level of personal impartation and leadership development. Unto that end, I am inviting a group of pioneering intercessors into a life-changing apprenticeship. Let’s work closely together to built the future. Apply today.



→  Fresh revelation from the Word + ministry in the Spirit
→ Deep spiritual formation + Personal renewal
→  Lasting friendships in an expanding national community 
→  Life-transforming New Creation root system
→ Royal Identity + Dominion Mandate


→ Thrive in the New Covenant
→ Foster thriving, authentic communities that understand the power of agreement
→ Raise outposts of heaven to challenge dark powers with intercessory authority
→ Gain air superiority
→ Cultivate character & fruitfulness in your team

“When you understand your identity and your authority, you begin to live with an unstoppable sense of mission. And not just any mission, but the one you were born to fulfill. The real secret, though, is continual revelation of Christ — to grow in confident communion with the Holy Spirit and learn to dwell in Him. Practice this together with other people, as the ekklesia, and you will bend history to conformity to the Kingdom”

— Dean Briggs

Foster Relationships

A family of prayer, not a machine

In Matthew 16, when Jesus said, “I will build my ekklesia,” the word build is the Greek word, oikos, from which we derive the idea of a home. In other words, we have to build relationship if we want to build healthy ekklesias. Ekklesia is family, period.


Keep it Simple

Five months. One weekend+ per month

    • Week 1 — May 16-19
    • Week 2 —  June 20-23
    • Week 3 —  July 25-28
    • Week 4 —  Aug. 22-25
    • Week 5 —  Sept. 26-29

Learn By Doing

Encounter-based, not seminar style

Utilizing a “flipped classroom” approach, Ekklesia Academy gives you a full curriculum of dynamic video teachings to study at home during each three week gap so that our monthly Gatherings can  include more hands-on interaction.



Pioneers | Pastors in transition | Leaders of home groups and prayer teams | Intercessors  | You!


Each of our five weekends will consist of Thursday afternoon arrival with evening prayer, fellowship and devotional, then all day training Fri-Sat, Sunday morning worship and teaching, lunch together, then back home.



Vanquish Ministries

Ascending Zion


Battle for Canada

Convergence Ekklesia

Watchman Intl.

History Makers

Maracle Ministries

Heartland Church

* As available. Not guaranteed. Our goal is to invite  a guest trainer to join for three months of each five month Academy.


single student

COST: $4500


ALL-ACCESS (In Person)

Premium experience | High impact, high commitment
Age Requirement: 30 +

  • Limited to 10 participants. This assures high personalization and interaction together.
  • All sessions taught live in Kansas City, MO
  • All meals included. Most meals will be shared together.
  • All accommodations…and tons more (click below)
  • Application deadline: April 26, 2024
  • Early Bird/Full Pay: $3000 (Save $1500 off full price)

My focus is on creating an immersive experience with high interaction and hands-on training. If that’s what you want, the Premium Package is hands down the best way to go.


♦ Premium Service Plan to make each visit a zero fuss event! Everything is done for you.

  • Airport Pickup and Drop-off
  • Price includes deluxe accommodations w/ AirB&B Rooms at Venue
  • 4 w/ private baths, 6 w/ shared bath

Extra accommodations can be arranged as needed


♦ Three of the five months will feature Guest Trainers, chosen among key friends and leaders like:

  • Lou Engle, Tim Sheets, Chris Berglund, Andrew Whalen, Matt Lockett, Greg Simas, Art Lucier, Marc Brisbois, Barry Maracle, and others
  • Availability will vary, not all speakers are guaranteed

♦ Lifetime license to Apostolic Foundations Curriculum, Course 1-2-3 (includes print editions of the Study Notes and Companion Booklet for each course)

♦ Deluxe Gift Bag: premium ekklesia-themed wearables and other goodies. Trust us, you’ll love it!

♦ One Zoom per month (direct mentoring and Q&A with Dean)

♦ “Club Sessions” (live dialogue and interaction time with visiting speakers and key leaders)


♦ Couples can attend and train together for only $1000 more

♦ One “Skip Month” for flexibility when you need it*

  • * “Skip Month” — Things come up, right? Life might unavoidably interrupt one of the five months. If so, we understand and want to flex with you, so we allow one “skip” month from in-person attendance. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to join online, and we’ll give you special zoom links to join the Club Sessions. You’ll even get $250 credited back to your credit card

♦ Six months free subscription to Dean’s teaching app, Red Meat Bible, included @ no charge (launch date TBD)

♦ Exclusive eligibility for Level 2 Training for the purpose of Ekklesia Trainer Certification. (See “Registration, Requirements & Limitations” for more info.)

♦ Membership in (register and start an ekklesia)

COST: $3500 Individual / $4500 couple

After the first session, if you are unsatisfied with the program or training you received, or circumstances prevent you from continuing, a 50% refund of any fees paid up to that point will be reimbursed to you. This option must be exercised with a written request within seven days of the completion of the Launch Week (May 16-19).

single student

COST $1500



Budget price | High flexibility, easier requirements
Age Requirement: 20 +

  • Limited to 20 participants
  • All Classes (online only, but with live interaction)
  • Access to one “Club Session” of your choice (Q&A with key leaders)
  • Big savings and better flexibility
  • Application deadline: May 6, 2024
  • Early Bird/Full Pay $1000 (Save $500 off full price)

♦ Lifetime license to Apostolic Foundations Curriculum (Course 1-2-3) w/ digital books

♦ Gear Pack: free ekklesia themed gift bag

♦ Membership in (register and start an ekklesia)

♦ Certificate of Completion

COST: $1250


After the first session, if you are unsatisfied with the program or training you received, or circumstances prevent you from continuing, a 50% refund of any fees paid up to that point will be reimbursed to you. This option must be exercised with a written request within seven days of the completion of the Launch Week (May 16-19).

Dean Briggs travels and teaches on sonship, righteousness and ekklesia, bringing a 30,000 foot view of God’s redemptive plan. His books include manifestos on prayer, fasting and discipleship, including Ekklesia Rising and The Great Communion Revival. He and his wife, Jeanie, reside in Kansas City, MO. 

Learn more at

Registration, Requirements & Limitations

  • Register by the deadline, complete your application (including a required background check), and schedule a phone interview as part of the selection process. Selection is not guaranteed.
  • If you think plan to continue to Level 2 Mentor Training Certification in the future, only one Skip Month is allowed during Level 1 training, and only one Skip Month discount will be permitted, regardless how many in-person sessions you miss. Refunds will not be given beyond the single Skip Month discount.
  • If you wish to continue with Level 2 Mentor Training Certification, you must attend four of the five Level 1 weekends in Kansas City. Failure to do so will remove you from consideration for Level 2 Advanced Training until you complete this requirement in a separate, future Level 1 training. Sorry, no exceptions. Of course, you may still finish Level 1, either online or in person, but will not be considered for Level 2 until you complete the full requirements of Level 1 training.
  • You are responsible for your own transportation to and from Kansas City. If you fly, we will handle all airport transfers (included in All-Access).
  • Before receiving your Certificate of Completion, you must turn in for review your completed Study Notes, along with a 500 Word Essay that will be assigned in Week 4.
  • A further interview with Dean may be required to be considered a candidate for the Level 2 Mentor Training program. Note: Not all All-Access graduates are guaranteed acceptance into Level 2.

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