“Apostolic Foundations”
5 Courses


1. The Total Superiority of the New Covenant

1. “Why wasn’t I taught this?”

You can’t be a New Creation under an old covenant. Exchange the dead striving of “Old Covenant Christianity” for the liberating, drastically superior experience of New Covenant friendship with God.

101  |  Heb. 8:6


Courses 2-3-4-5 will be released roughly every 3-5 months through 2021.


2. Born from Above

Once you grasp the full reality of the New Covenant, you will want to understand and apply the full, dynamic promise and privilege of your status as a New Creation in Christ. 201  |  2 Cor. 5:17

3. Ruling Council of Christ

Jesus promised to build far more than a good Sunday service. Learn the incredible spiritual authority entrusted to believers when Christ is revealed and His kingdom expands through targeted, faith-filled  governmental intercession.

301  |  Matt. 16:18-19

4. How Shall We Then Live?

It is not enough to live well, the ekklesia must live well together — in maturity, grace   and with Fruit and Gifts of the Spirit — for justice and the full power of agreement to be released. 

401  |  Matt. 18:18-20

5. Unto Mature Sonship

History is heading to a dramatic conclusion, but the half has not been told. All the earth groans for the revealing of fully mature sons and daughters. The story behind that story will leave you breathless at the majestic scope of our full redemption.

501  |  Rom. 8:14-23

Bring faith, freedom and revelation to your church, event or conference


The Total Superiority of the NEW COVENANT

Leave the dead striving of "Old Covenant Christianity" behind and experience liberating, drastically superior New Covenant friendship with God.

  • 58 Sessions
  • Each session lasts 7-15 min.
  • 9+ Hours total
  • Deep, transformative content and life-changing revelation
  • Rooted in the Authority of Scripture 
  • Includes 50+-page Study Notes with space for reflection
  • Includes Companion Booklet with seven brief chapters for an overview of key concepts
  • Filmed in high resolution

A proper understanding of covenant dynamics is the critical foundation for life in God and practical discipleship. As part of Dean Briggs’ Apostolic Foundations Series, you will gain inspiration and revelation to maximize your walk and make the most of the other four courses to come.

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