From a father of seven grown sons

Part Pilgrim’s Progress, part Lord of the Rings, part journal, BraveQuest is an interactive, thrilling fantasy adventure that will engage your son at a critical point in his life: his transition into manhood. Each day a brief, imaginative reading immerses him in another world, inviting him to become the hero of his own journey.

As he faces perils and enemies and discovers allies, the story guides your son through the dangers and joys of the teen years. He’ll be taught classic virtues and how to appreciate godly leadership. He’ll reflect on difficulties he’s faced and be encouraged to dream big about his future. He’ll experience the very real price of giving in to temptations. And he’ll be primed to recognize the materialistic lures of the age.

This magnificent, life-defining 50-day journey† is a modern, mythic telling of a boy’s transformation to manhood, preparing him for both the adventure and danger young men must face on the road to godly character.

† The full BraveQuest Encounter™ offers a revolutionary 2-part system to help fathers, stepfathers and guardians overcome their own insecurity plus the relational reluctance and awkwardness of their 12-16 year old sons by crafting a rugged, meaningful rite-of-passage the two can share together. Fathers, rest easy. You don’t have to figure it all out! Born of years of experience doing this same process with each of his seven sons, using an early hand-published version of this very book, Dean Briggs offers Dad’s everywhere hope with this turnkey, yet heartfelt plan. The BraveQuest Interactive Journey for the boys pairs perfectly with a brief, step-by-step  Father’s Field Manual (free with purchase) to craft an unforgettable bonding experience that will positively shape and ground your son’s life through the turbulence of their teenage years.



The book that launched a global realignment in the church's sense of identity & mission.

“Will fuel a flame of intercessory dominion in your soul.” — Lou Engle

For generations, we have been taught that Jesus promised to build His “church“ in Matthew 16:18, so we’ve dutifully tried to build the church with Him. But there’s a big problem: that’s not the word He used. Instead, He announced something far more potent:

“I will build My ekklesia!”

Stirring + Faith-Building. Amidst the chaos and questions of modern civilization, we have power beyond reckoning to turn the tide of evil in our lands through bold faith and aggressive, passionate prayer and fasting.

Intimate, Encouraging 40-Day Devo. When your soul grows dull and you need a personal reboot, such “burning bush” encounters must be close enough to feel the heat. Rekindle your inner fire with an extended fast.

Inspiration for Millenials + Gen Z. Heaven is chasing the next generation of daring God-lovers. Longhairs Rising is a field manual for these wild ones. Easily read in an hour or less, it can change their soul forever.

Timely + Prophetic. The church’s desire to return to “normal” is a dangerous distraction. From this point on, there is only forward. In the midst of such confusion, if we seek right answers, we must first articulate right questions.



The critically acclaimed 5-part Young Adult fantasy series is back! When the four Barlow brothers get swept away one by one to world in crisis, they have to learn to live as Champions for the sake of a people who have lost all hope. Along the way, they discover their own unique powers, but none greater than the power of brotherhood and friendship as their family expands in surprising ways. This special 10th Anniversary Edition now includes a running synopsis for each book, a complete glossary, and nearly 80 custom sketches spanning the entire series.

For 2000 years, Christians believed it was in their hearts; now science says it’s all in their heads and they’ve got the evidence to prove it. Espionage, genetic testing, and murder — all in search of answers to questions most people never dare to ask.

“The kind of fiction this world desperately needs….a gripping read stuffed with emotion. This one you will remember for years.”

— NYT bestselling author Ted Dekker



What people are saying


Legends of Karac Tor

“Magic and folklore at its very best.”
GP Taylor, New York Times best-selling author

“Clever writing and delectable prose. Young and old alike will be charmed and captivated by D. Barkley Briggs and his exceptional storytelling prowess…a groundbreaking new series.”

“Springs from the same mythic source as the great epics from Lewis, Lucas, and Lawhead…a complex tapestry of magic and meaning, bravery and brotherhood.”
Jeffrey Overstreet, Author of The Auralia Thread

“Weaves a tale that is both thrilling and wrought with hope. D. Barkley Briggs is a new and welcome voice in fantasy fiction.”
Wayne Thomas Batson, Author of The Door Within Trilogy

“The lyrical prose suits his intriguing tale and heightens the feel of another world. Sure to gather a following among young and old fantasy lovers.”
Donita K. Paul, Author of The Dragon Keeper Chronicles

“In the same vein as such master fantasy writers as J. R. R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, author D. Barkley Briggs has penned a superb fictional tale… Fast-paced and compelling, and readers will be clamoring for Briggs’s next installment in this exciting and worthy new series.”

“Epic fantasy with a strong Christian element…Highly recommended.”
Midwest Book Review

“Will capture your imagination and leave you begging for more.”

“Everything we waited for…full of surprises, with layers of legend, faith and magic. Highly recommended.”
Kaci Hill, co-author with Ted Dekker of Lunatic and Elyon


Ekklesia Rising

“Dean Briggs has given the 2.0 upgrade in the study of the ekklesia and its relevancy to the true meaning, mission, and methodology of the church. I not only strongly recommend Ekklesia Rising, I am grateful for the additions it makes to see the church change the world.”
– Dennis Peacock, President and Founder, GoStrategic and The Statesman Project

Ekklesia Rising is replete with truth born of genuine revelation. Its pages contain biblical truth that may extend beyond the reach of the casual reader but will surely ignite a fire in the heart of anyone searching for a deeper understanding of God’s design and purpose for His saints on earth today. I highly recommend Ekklesia Rising.”
– Richard C. Durfield, PhD., M.Div., M.A.T., B.A.”

Ekklesia Rising will fuel such a flame of intercessory dominion in your soul. The revelation contained in these pages has launched me into a whole new paradigm of prayer, one I believe will fuel a reformation of missions and bring back the King”
Lou Engle, founder, TheCall; Author, Digging the Wells of Revival  

Ekklesia Rising is not just revelatory, it is revolutionary. The anointing on this book is destined to unleash seismic shifts, even in your own life. But you will become strong, victorious, and free.”
Jon and Jolene Hamill, Lamplighter Ministries

“Ekklesia Rising is a paradigm-shifting book! A must read for all Houses of Prayer, Pastors and Church Leaders who want a greater revelation of the nature and authority of Christ in transforming culture and cities.”
Greg Simas, Senior Pastor, Convergence House of Prayer

“Honestly, I believe this book is a watershed that will mark you for life. Ekklesia Rising is one of the best books on this subject I’ve ever read. Biblically sound, with great historic references, this is a must read that scholars and laymen alike will heartily sink their teeth into.”
– William Ford III, author of Created For Influence, Director of Marketplace Leadership at CFNI

The Jesus Fast (co-author w/ Lou Engle)

“This is a very dangerous book.”
 Bill Johnson, senior leader, Bethel Church, Redding, CA; Author, When Heaven Invades Earth

The Jesus Fast will awaken within you a passion to fast and pray. . . . I, for one, have been ruined for anything else.”
Banning Liebscher, founder and pastor, Jesus Culture

“Prepare for your life to change. Your heart will burn with fresh passion to dream the dreams of God and to see a global awakening.”
Karen Wheaton Towe, founder and president, The Ramp

“Has the potential to change the course of history.”
Brian Kim, president, Antioch Center for Training and Sending (ACTS)

“Through Lou and Dean, God is preparing a generation for the greatest manifestation of God’s glory in human history.
Eddie James, director, Eddie James Ministries

Consumed: Forty Days of Fasting, Repentance, & Rebirth

“Led my soul to places of creativity and passion for Jesus that my soul craved.”
Dennis Jernigan, worship leader

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