A powerful rite-of-passage system for fathers and sons

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A powerful rite-of-passage system for fathers and sons


You have a brief, powerful window to teach your son to slay dragons and ready him for manhood. If you don’t, the world will.

BraveQuest solves a modern dilemma by crafting an impacting journey to help young men embrace a strong, humble Biblical masculinity during the critical maturation period of age 11-16.


Watch as your son becomes the author of his own, epic story

With space inside for him to sign his name like a true author!

A Boy’s Interactive Journey to Manhood

The journey from boy to man must be made. Now you both have a guide.

BraveQuest is a unique, powerful story system that puts your son in the middle of his own quest, turning the transition to adulthood into a thrilling, interactive fantasy adventure where your son becomes the hero of his own story! Not a reader? Don’t worry! Written with preteen boys in mind, the book spans 50 days with 50 short chapters (only 2-3 pages per day). 

As both hero and author, your son will face perils, enemies and also discovers allies that reflect the realities of modern life. Written by the author of acclaimed YA fantasy novels, this modern, mythic tale guides your son (and you) through the dangers and joys of the teen years. By the time he concludes the interactive process, he will have been taught classic virtues and how to appreciate godly leadership. He’ll reflect on difficulties he’s faced and be encouraged to dream big about his future. He’ll experience the very real price of giving into temptations, and he’ll be primed to recognize the materialistic lures of the age. Even better, because he’s literally writing himself into the story, he’ll be fully engaged every step of the way. 

Hint: this gives you 50 days of preparation for Stage 2 (below)


Part Pilgrim’s Progress, part Lord of the Rings, part dream journal. BraveQuest is an interactive, thrilling fantasy adventure to help you mentor and call to maturity the young man you are responsible for.

Dads, don't kid yourself. While every generation needs to summon their boys to manhood, the dark days ahead will require men of strength, character and confidence like never before.



On one level, BraveQuest is all you need to succeed. But for the most life-changing impact, continue on to Stage 2 & 3 below.


Give him roots and you'll give him wings

Simple | Turnkey | Customizable


Necessary Quest for Son

Modern society offers no meaningful rites-of-passages for boys, yet nearly every ancient culture had one. For a boy to move into manhood, they need to feel tested. They need a sense of struggle and accomplishment: to face their fears, face themselves, discover their strength, and tame their impulses. Shut down the X-Box. Detach from artificiality and hyperstimulation. Help your son remember the wild goodness of the world.


Turnkey Journey for Dad

You want your son to become an honorable man, but society has largely left dads to figure that process out on their own. Finally, there's BraveQuest. While the book helps your son prepare himself, the free Father's Field Manual and Bravequest Planning Kit will give you all the tools you need to streamline the entire process, including sample schedules (when to do what), creative physical and mental challenges to create impact, and even cool downloadables to add icing to the cake. Yeah, you got this.


Bonding Experience for Both

Even though we offer a simple, complete system, you'll be amazed at the powerful moments we'll help you make along the way. But don't worry, this isn't about making everything touchy-feely, it's about achieving something together, man-to-man. For that reason, BraveQuest is also highly adaptable and customizable. Equally suited to help fathers, stepfathers, mentors and guardians, you will be given a complete template that can easily be customized to your unique family dynamic, budget and particular interests.

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Free resources that make it easier than you think

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I'm not just the author, I'm the father of seven sons

In other words, this isn’t theory to me. I’m not just pitching a good idea, I’m giving you a field-tested process that works. Many years ago, as I fully immersed myself in the thrill of walking my sons through their own rites-of-passage, I hand-printed copies of BraveQuest for them to complete in the days leading up to their 13th birthdays. Even as grown men and successful adults, they still have their original copies.

Thanks to my acclaimed young adult fantasy series, The Legends of Karac Tor, you can rest assured that I know how to captivate a young man’s imagination and stir his soul. Check them out HERE. Read reviews HERE.

So here’s my promise: if you do this — if you commit to the journey of welcoming your son to manhood with BraveQuest — the memories will mark you both forever. Even better, you’ll live out God’s promise to “turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers” (Mal. 4:6). Trust me, you won’t regret the time and care you put into this!

A little more? As a Bible teacher, I travel the world teaching on sonship, righteousness and ekklesia. My non-ficton works include manifestos on prayer, fasting and discipleship. With my beautiful wife, Jeanie, we have 8 grown children and six grandchildren (and counting!) Some of my discipleship materials can be found HERE.

Dean Briggs
Father, Author & Teacher

“If God has given you a son, it means He has entrusted you with the next generation of leadership. What a privilege! Let’s make the most of it.”

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