The Power of Hope (A Tribute to My Dad for Father’s Day)

My father endured many setbacks in his life. His sister married a crooked lawyer who stole his inheritance. He nearly died from ulcerative colitis. Though he became a successful real estate developer and businessman, he also knew the difficulties of lean years and the betrayal of embezzlement from trusted employees (more than once). He faced many obstacles in…


Forty Friggin Five (a memoir of sorts)

(Note: I don’t normally do this, but I’m posting a journal entry I ran across just today. The more human and transparent we can be with each other, the better. I’m 46 now, but this is what I wrote to myself Dec. 10, 2013)… I woke up today, and half my life was over (generously assuming I…

Cecilia Gimenez approached the Christ painting "Ecce Homo" by Elias Garcia Martinez

Ruining Jesus: More False Images of the God of Grace

You may remember, but in 2013, a woman famously ruined Jesus. While she probably had good intentions, the 82-year-old Spanish pensioner named Cecilia Gimenez turned an oil fresco painted in the Misericordia Church in Borja, Spain, into an abomination described by the BBC as resembling a “crayon sketch of a very hairy monkey.” Her restoration of the 1910 depiction of Christ…

Consumed FBCoverJPG

“Consumed:” Unique 40-Day Devo Provides Fuel and Focus for Fasters

Drawing inspiration from Psalm 40 and Isaiah 40, Consumed is written in simple, encouraging language, composed day-by-day during the author’s own forty day fast. Thus, the insights come to you in “real time” — exactly what you need for each day, like a friend who knows how to speak to your heart. Each brief, daily devotional helps to focus the soul in a posture of humility and repentance for the ultimate goal of personal renewal. Have you lost direction, focus, vibrancy? The ancient solution is to give yourself to an extended, 40-day fast.


God is Pleased: The Revolution of Divine Nearness

Christmas is a revolution of nearness. In his Apostolic Exhortation Verbum Domini, Benedict XVI writes: “We are speaking of an unprecedented and humanly inconceivable novelty: “the word became flesh and dwelt among us” (Jn 1:14a). These words are no figure of speech; they point to a lived experience! Saint John, an eyewitness, tells us so: “We have beheld…

Divine Council Teaching

Legislating in the Divine Council

This is one of the most powerful teachings I’ve ever done. Prepare to view reality and the divine plan of God through new eyes! All this material and much, much more are covered in my new book, Ekklesia Rising. Ekklesia Rising: The Authority of Christ in Communities of Contending Prayer (excerpt) “The book of Hebrews helps us form…