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Brushfire Consulting is most effective as a catalyst for businesses and ministries intentionally seeking disruption and new ideas. Our clientele are not typically in pursuit of routine or incremental improvement. They are often restless, but stuck. While for some, change equals risk, our clients have navigated the perils of flattening market dynamics long enough to understand that stasis is riskier still. Through Brushfire Prestige Consulting, Dean has challenged businesses and ministries on four continents to embrace the art and power of narrative-based, missional branding, helping them locate, articulate and project their unique voice in a manner that elevates the experience of their audience from relatively uninvested product consumers with shifting loyalties to enthusiastic owners of a shared culture. Brushfire also brings strategic alignment and organizational health by challenging insular thought systems and tapping into the latent institutional knowledge of each company’s C-Suite with out-of-the-box inquiry, lateral thinking and dynamic engagement.

“While the character of an organization should be as firm and predictable as concrete, its responsiveness to challenges must be more nimble, even fluid at times. Doing the same thing, only better, will rarely profit or advance an enterprise that the future has already required change its direction.” — Dean Briggs

“With a background at a corporate consulting agency, I’ve sat in many strategy sessions, written strategic documents and watched high-level executives and partners work through these types of meetings. I’ve never seen anyone lead a large group through such a methodical but powerful series of sessions. Each session built upon the other, as Dean took us through a process that left me feeling emotionally and spiritually changed. Rather than quickly creating a traditional action plan, Dean allowed the group to unpack the underlying issues as we move toward defining our necessary future, a concept that is new to me, and that he masterfully taught. I left encouraged and excited for our future.

     – Kristen O’Coin, Marquise Construction Inc. (Canada)

“During our Leaders’ Conference in Webuye, our network was powerfully impacted by Dean. He is a teacher and trainer with a strong mentoring ability. We were all transformed.”

     – Bishop Jonathan Mudenyo, The Lord’s Ministries (Kenya)

“Our ministry organization was at a crossroads, and my leadership team had for some time been grappling with an intuitively felt, yet poorly defined sense of what was at stake and how to move forward. We brought in Dean to help us. In just four extended sessions of high level interaction, he gave us new language, clear ideas and helpful visualization that addressed multiple dilemmas and areas of corporate malaise that we had not yet been able to articulate, much less resolve. What I was most impressed with was that he did not bring textbook consulting formulas, clever buzzwords and rote answers, but instead cultivated a conversation that actually extracted new thinking, new ideas and bold answers that began to emerge from our own leadership team and staff of about 600. It was remarkable how Dean helped us answer our own questions in a way that made everyone in the room feel energized to embrace and create the next chapter in our collective mission. More than giving us strategic or even prophetic direction, Dean helped us rediscover our story. I highly recommend his services — tireless zeal,  excellent people skills and ideas presented with genuine humility. I have seen him do this with others—he’ll move you forward.”

     – Mike Bickle, Director, International House of Prayer (USA)

“When Dean first came to our organization’s newly formed Steering Committee on the cusp of a major undertaking in the nation of Canada, he faced several considerable challenges, not the least of which was the unformed nature of our mission, an extremely tight timeline to accomplish a national initiative, and also the intensity and diversity of personalities and convictions in a room filled with national leaders. Dean did a remarkable job, under a fair bit of stress, of helping us coalesce as a team, strategize and frame our vision, and then help us craft dynamic language that not only told our story well, but created authentic buy-in that recruited them into that vision. A national movement was born. Dean’s ongoing input has been invaluable. We couldn’t have done this without him.”

     – Art Lucier, Harvest Ministries (Canada)

“I have zero issues following Dean’s lead, because he is first and foremost a servant leader that profoundly cares for others.”

     – Richard Moore, president, TCC (Brazil)