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Apostolic Foundations 4

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Why do covenants matter?

Many christians lack confidence and struggle to connect with god or find victory over sin. This dilemma is both predictable and inevitable when we live under the wrong covenant.

Warning: This is meat, not milk. Prepare to be liberated and disrupted.

Do covenants really matter? First answer this: Have you felt exhausted trying to please God? Unable to overcome habitual sin? Constantly measuring your failures and judging yourself? If so, chances are good that you are striving under the wrong covenant. Law is a covenant of works, so if you’re living with an Old Covenant mindset, you will exhaust yourself.

Jesus said, “Be born again.” What does it mean to be reborn under a new covenant? Is the new thing simply an upgraded version of the old, or something far more radical? In the next surge of history, the Holy Spirit is fueling a deep desire for “the summing up of all things in Christ” (Eph. 1:10). So do you live in Christ, Adam, or Moses?

Begin your journey with the first of five Apostolic Foundation courses by author and Bible teacher, Dean Briggs. Immerse yourself in 58 short sessions that you can easily listen to in 10 minutes…then chew on for days. Use the included Companion Booklet and Study Notes to make the most of your experience as your internal landscape gets realigned to the total superiority of the New Covenant.

It’s time to get your foundation fixed.

What's included

  1. Evangelizing Believers to Really Believe
  2. True Knowledge
  3. The Glorious Story of God
  4.  Veering Off Course
  5.  The Gospel as a Four Act Drama
  6. Types, Shadows & The Dutiful Sentry
  7. Original Holiness: Lessons From Creation
  8. The Problem of Carrots & Sticks
  9. Purity of Heart
  10. Two Trees 1: Typological Roots
  11. Two Trees 2: Poison of Evil & Good
  12. Two Trees 3: Spiritual Lineages
  13. Choosing Your Family Tree
  14. Ten Promises
  15. Our Present, Broken Gospel
  16. Do vs. Done
  17. Living with a Clean Conscience – Pt. 1
  18. Living with a Clean Conscience – Pt. 2
  19. Don’t Return to the Dead Thing
  20. What Are You Focused On?
  21. Liberty of a Purified Conscience
  22. Repenting Wrong Repentance
  23. Agree With God!
  24. Change Your Mind
  25. The Purpose & Promise of Grace
  26. Does Scripture Warn Against Too Much Grace?
  27. Radical Grace for Radical Discipleship
  28. Christ is Much More than Adam
  29. Wait! Radical Grace Sounds Dangerous!
  30. Which Kind of Grace Do You Want God to Give?
  31. The Word of Righteousness
  32. From Two Trees to Two Covenants
  33. Covenant 101: Comprehending God’s Ways
  34. Abraham’s Covenant Brought Under Moses
  35. New Terms Mean New Relationship
  36. Good News! Moses Brought Under Christ
  37. Law Rendered Obsolete
  38. You and Me Brought Into Christ
  39. Quit Trying to Kill What Has Already Died
  40. Sanctifying Virtue 1: Identification Downward
  41. Sanctifying Virtue 2: Identification by Substitution
  42. Sanctifying Virtue 3: Identification Upward
  43. Identification in Baptism – Pt. 1
  44. Identification in Baptism – Pt. 2
  45. The Power of a Renewed Mind
  46. Dead Reckoning, Real Living – Pt. 1
  47. Dead Reckoning, Real Living – Pt. 2
  48. Analysis of Romans 1-8
  49. No Condemnation for Those in Christ
  50. Why the Curse?
  51. Finding Fault With The Law
  52. Glorious Son of God: Out of Darkness Into Light
  53. The Light of Revelation
  54. The New Covenant Son
  55. Identity by Works or Promise?
  56. Receiving the Father’s Heart – Pt. 1
  57. Receiving the Father’s Heart – Pt. 2
  58. Trust the New Creation: Position & Process

The root cause of countless issues for the average, struggling Christian is that they try to be a New Creation under an Old Covenant. If you find yourself easily rattled by circumstances, sin patterns and stress, you may be built on the wrong foundation. The new covenant is established on Christ alone. Are you?

Get unstuck

“New levels of glorious freedom!”
—B. Elliott

“Such a greater understanding between the two covenants! Faith was built up. What a weapon…to see myself crucified with Christ as never before. Keeping me from deception.”
—L. Soniet

“I am beginning to understand the practicalities of New Covenant living”
—D. Mackenzie

“The truth shall set you free. I felt Dean pointed us beautifully to the Truth of the Person of Jesus. I am becoming enamored by Jesus and can’t wait for more.”

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