The Calling & Purpose of the Ekklesia

Apostolic Foundations 3

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What in the world is Jesus building?

The trickle-down effect of church history has basically turned Matthew 16:18 into Jesus making a strange promise: “Upon this rock I will build a really great Sunday service.” But is that really what He said or wants?

For generations, we’ve been taught that Jesus promised to build His “church,” so we’ve dutifully tried to build the church with Him. There’s just one BIG problem: that’s not the word He used. Instead, He announced something much more devastating to darkness:

“I will build My ekklesia!”

We all have deep affection and love for the church, yet facts are facts: the English word “church” is a widely acknowledged mistranslation. Did you know? Neither did I, even though I was pastored for over a decade and taught sermons on the meaning of church. For centuries our seminaries have raised pastors to believe it’s “close enough.” Really? Words in red?

2020 came along and began to blow apart our systems built on sand . . .

Churches have closed by the thousands because they were not fit for the times. A true motherlode of identity and mission separate these two words. One is focused on building itself, the other is focused on proclaiming and expanding the Kingdom of God. Jesus gave His disciples authority and keys to bind and loose, yet rather than playing offense in intercession, we are often stuck on defense, watching helplessly as culture decays. If we are built to soar in heavenly places with real authority in prayer, then why does our mission often feel grounded on the launch pad?

Beginning in 2010, the Lord startled Dean by suddenly opening his eyes to a wealth of Biblical and historic insights related to the ekklesia that had previously not been widely known or understood. In 2014, he released Ekklesia Rising, and a quiet revolution began to quickly grow — global movement that promises to reform the church, glorify Christ, and put us back on mission.

Most Christians lack sound instruction in the historic scope of redemption, including the scale of cosmic war raging across time for control of the planet. They live as if Sunday morning is the point of it all. Yeet Jesus created His ekklesia for a reason: to rule and govern.

After years of teaching limited portions around the world, for the first time ever Dean has released an entire video course — the most comprehensive, systematic and dynamic series of teachings on the ekklesia available: The Calling & Purpose of the Ekklesia.

It’s time to take your place in the vast story of God! 

What's included


  1. The High Inspiration Of Scripture
  2. Do You See What I See?
  3. Cosmic War: Getting Eternal Vision
  4. Cosmic Time: Filling The Gaps
  5. Cosmic Sequence: A Possible Timeline
  6. Meanwhile, We Church!
  7. Bullseye! (Oops, Wrong Target)
  8. The Glory & Tragedy Of King James
  9. The Proliferation Of Church Culture
  10. On Earth As In Heaven
  11. Divine Council 1: Biblical Monotheism
  12. Divine Council 2: Names Of God
  13. Divine Council 3: Delegated Governance 
  14. Divine Council 4: Cultural Commentaries 
  15. The Aristocracy Of The Kingdom
  16. He Shall Have Dominion: Psa. 72:8
  17. O.T. Types 1: Two Or Three In High Places
  18. O.T. Types 2: Sons In The Gates
  19. O.T. Types 3: Garrisons & Earthquakes
  20. The Daughters Of Zelophehad
  21. Judging The Judges: Psa. 82 + 89
  22. Clash Of Kingdoms
  23. Three Revelations Of God’s Nature
  24. The Government Of The Priest King
  25. The Watershed Moment Of Matthew 16 
  26. Horseshoes And Hand Grenades
  27. It’s Greek To Me!
  28. Review Of Previous Material
  29. Jacob @ Bethel: Revelation Nation 
  30. Jacob @ Peniel: Contender Nation 
  31. The Highest Of High Places 
  32. Continual Revelation Of Jesus 
  33. New Covenant Intercession
  34. Eyes Unveiled
  35. Facts About Gates
  36. Gates Of Hades
  37. Keys Of Heaven
  38. Binding + Loosing
  39. Ascending The Mountain 1
  40. Ascending The Mountain 2
  41. Luciferian Control Of The Assembly
  42. Mind Control & Domination Systems 1
  43. Mind Control & Domination Systems 2
  44. Lord Sabaoth: Strength & Resolve
  45. Looking For A Man On Earth
  46. Astonished At Prayerlessness
  47. Power Over Powers: Ekklesia Vs. Archons 
  48. Manifold Wisdom & Open Triumph
  49. Perils Of Modern Ecclesiology
  50. Ordinary Places Into Sacred Spaces
  51. There’s A New Sheriff In Town
  52. Covert Mission: Marketplace Influence 1
  53. Covert Mission: Marketplace Influence 2
  54. Wisdom For Marketplace Leaders
  55. Overt Mission: 7 Mountain Dominion
  56. Black Ops: Strike Teams & Special Assignments
  57. Special Assignment Case Study: Canada
  58. 2020 Forward: Refocusing our Vision & Mission
  59. The Masculine House Of Prayer 1
  60. The Masculine House Of Prayer 2
  61. Core Components Of Ekklesia
  62. How To Get Started
  63. Stories From The Front Line
  64. Your Mission Should You Choose To Accept It

We are convinced of the Biblical truths contained in this course and offered without fluff or filler. If you are not fully satisfied with the life-changing impact of this course, simply let us know within 21 days and we’ll fully refund your purchase, no questions asked.

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  1. Whenever people invest money into something, they tend to value it more and subsequently dedicate quality time and attention to it. At a practical level, we’ve seen too many lives changed by these courses to risk accidental neglect. Asking you to invest in the course is meant to encourage you to value your own discipleship journey. Note: If you have a prohibitive financial need, email us. We’ll make it work for you.
  2. The Apostle Paul said “a workman is worthy of his wages” (1 Tim. 5:18). While Paul worked bi-vocationally to assure that he could minister the gospel free of charge wherever he travelled, he also did not shy away from exhorting those who received from him to give in kind, for their sake and for his.
  3. As a matter of personal stewardship, each course requires a significant investment of time and resources from teams of people who each work to make a living. These costs are absorbed in development, and recouped in delivery when people purchase.
  4. Similar courses  are available costing hundreds more. Related, consider just a few years ago when sermons were delivered on CDs. A 5-disc set with far less content could easily cost $40-90, and that doesn’t factor in inflation! DVDs cost even more.
  5. With a Money Back Guarantee, you have zero risk.

Pray with Purpose. Live with Calling.

The Ekklesia is rising. Get your gear.

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