A tidal wave of bold purpose is seizing the imaginations of believers all over the world, reclaiming our identity and reshaping our mission as the Body of Christ. Are you ready?


Welcome to Ekklesia 101

A spirit of reformation is reshaping the conversation and practices of everyone from thought-leaders in the church to “boots on the ground” disciples and intercessors.

Get a crash course on this vibrant new “ekklesiology” with an insightful microcourse by one of the fathers and strongest voices in the movement. author and Bible teacher, Dean Briggs. Dean literally wrote the book on the new understanding of “church” with his groundbreaking 2010 work, Ekklesia Rising, and designed Ekklesia 101 to give Christians a quick, engaging format full of fresh revelation. You’ll get:

  • 18 sessions

  • 2-6 min. each

Price: $7.99*

* Bonus: Receive a coupon for $7.99 to apply toward the full course (making the microcourse FREE when you upgrade)

Contrary to popular belief, Jesus did not promise to build His “church” in Matthew 16:18. He promised to build His ekklesia. Do you know the difference? With the Ekklesia 101 Microcourse, you will!


Still not sure? Let me give you a free copy of my booklet, The Calling & Purpose of the Ekklesia.

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