Comments from Friends and Other Ministries


“Dean preaches in the power and authority of
the Word, with apostolic revelation and a gift for
brilliant articulation. Most importantly, he is
a kingdom man, with insight born of a lifetime’s
fascination with Christ, and the character of one
who has been refined through fire. If you want
to build wisely, welcome his influence.”

– Lou Engle, founder
TheCall and Ekballo House of Prayer


“When leading worship, my primary goal is always to
touch the heart of God and bring people to a place of
real encounter. In ministering with Dean, I find that his
anointing in the Word always evokes the same within me.
I am renewed in the deep purpose of God. I am inspired.
I am at rest. I am ready for the next battle.”

– Dennis Jernigan, worship leader and founder
Next Generation Creative Institute


“As one leader to another, I would have zero
issues following Dean’s lead, because he is first
and foremost a servant leader that profoundly cares
for others. Ministering in a foreign country, my
wife Jocelyn and I treasure the confidence that
we have in Dean and his wife, Jeanie.”

– Richard Moore, president
Third Culture Christians, Brazil


“During our Leaders’ Conference in Webuye, our network
of pastors was impacted by Dean through his powerful
Bible exposition. He is a teacher and trainer with strong
mentoring ability upon his life. We were all transformed
by his ministry.”

– Bishop Rev. Jonathan Mudenyo, founder
The Lord’s Ministries, Kenya

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“Dean Briggs is a long time friend whose commitment
to truth, coupled with clear and insightful wisdom,
makes him an easy choice for a speaker for any event.
I have watched him as a communicator, but more
importantly, how he handles the hearts of his family
members and those the Lord entrusts to him, and I
have learned much in the process.”

– Randy Bohlender, author
Jesus Killed My Church, The Spirit of Adoption