Equipping Encounters

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I’m honored that you would consider me for your conference, church, retreat or ministry event. My conviction is that the best preaching and teaching is founded on simple fidelity to the Word, but highly revelatory to fully engage the spirit in faith. When this happens, the end result is more than a solid hermeneutic, but an encounter with the living Christ—a real and dynamic impartation of faith that equips the saints for building the kingdom. In this day and age, anyone can transmit meaningful information. Actually, you don’t need me for that, just google it! But God, by the Holy Spirit, has sovereignly appointed some who break the bread of life in a manner that creates vision, lays foundations, and mobilizes hearts to advance with purpose. That’s what excites me.

Below, I’ve included some “sample scenarios” for your event that characterize themes in which I specialize. Bear in mind, these aren’t rigid boxes, they are simply a way to begin our conversation together. Click HERE to schedule a date and begin collaborating.

Here’s what you can expect from me:

  1. Prompt communication.

  2. Publicity for your event through my personal social media (if you want).
  3. Teachings that follow the Spirit’s lead and the Word’s guidance, factoring in the goals you convey to me.

EquipEncounter VisionEncounter MarriageEncounter
The apostolic gospel of grace, righteousness,
sonship: these are timeless foundations of faith.
Yet they must be constantly renewed in our midst.
Equipping builds unshakeable roots in the
deep mysteries of God — so that we can sustain
the full measure of glory we are meant to walk in.

Themes: The True Gospel of Grace, The Inner
Reality of Righteousness, Union With Christ,
True Knowledge of God, Perseverance and
Longsuffering, Hearing & Obeying,
Covenant of Faith, Liberty in the Spirit,
5-Fold Ministry, etc.

What is the “high calling” Paul describes
in Ephesians, Colossians and Philippians?
Jesus founded an ekklesia, a ruling council
of prayer, not a “church culture,” and He
intends for us to wield this influence with
wisdom, authority and humility. Each believer
is called, but not everyone has vision for it!

Themes: Ekklesia Patterns, Authority in High
Places, The Divine Council, Territory &
Covenant, Strategies in the Spirit, Bethel
Encounters, The Power of Faithful Declarations,
Masculine Contending Prayer, etc.

Together with his lovely wife, Jeanie, the
Briggs’s bring hope and honesty to any Marriage
& Family event. Husbands and wives alike
will find their unique perspective refreshing
and liberating. Whether persevering thru crisis
and grief, blending a family of eight “Free Wills,”
their marriage has become a case study for
Isa. 61:3, “Beauty from ashes.”

Themes: What Communication!?, Longing for
Connection, Loss & Grief, Broken Trust, Defiant
Hope, Finding Your Rhythm Together, What Men
Want, What Women Need, Making a Beautiful Now