On Becoming A Digital Person

When I first started writing novels, I did not have a personal email account. The idea was in its infancy, and not widely available. Blogging was on the horizon, but Facebook and Twitter were non-realities. The construct and methodology of those two behemoths would have seemed impractical at best, absurd at worst. Needless to say, even though I write for a living, I was slow on getting into the digital slipstream. Now, the die is cast. I’ve taken the plunge. I’m on Facebook. I tweet. And now, finally, in reverse order of the norm, I’m launching my blog.

My topics are my primary life interests: 1) Fatherhood and family; 2) Furthering the kingdom of God; and 3) Writing gritty, magical fantasy fiction for young adults…that their parents enjoy even more!

I’m a father of eight. A lover of Jesus. And I create wildly imaginative fiction you can trust, without being trite and preachy.

Here we go.

©2023 Dean Briggs Ministries

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