The Power of Your New Creation Life

Apostolic Foundations 2

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If you are born again, your life is now defined by a new and better covenant with new and better rules. This means you can live with joyful confidence, know God, triumph over temptation and lay hold of destiny. What are you waiting for?

Ever wonder why the promise of abundant life in Christ seems to so often fall short in our experience? How has the mind-blowing reality of God-Inside-You been reduced from dramatic inner transformation to “grind-it-out behavior management”? Why do so many Christians live like exhausted orphans and slaves rather than bright, hopeful sons and daughters of God?

Paul said something radical in 2 Cor. 5:17 — “If anyone is in Christ, they are a new creation.” So why have we turned it into this:

"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, hang in there. Old ways will always dominate. Don't expect too much."

Most believers have been taught that they need to crucify their old self, but this is impossible since your old man already died! It’s time for a bold, alternate manifesto: Totally. New. Life. This kind of spirit life cannot be a work of the flesh. Having died to both sin and Law, you are now alive in Christ . . . but do you know it? The Power of Your New Creation Life offers fearless, anointed revelation plumb-lined to the Word of God. Completely surrender your inner life to the Holy Spirit’s transforming power by grace through faith (Gal. 3:3; Rom. 8:5-9). 

The Gospel doesn’t create a better you, it creates a new you.

What's included


  1. Introduction: Bad Metaphors
  2. If The Foundations Are Destroyed
  3. Foundations Of Identity: Seed + Name
  4. The Contrast Of Two Names
  5. Major Prophecy From Major Prophets, Ezekiel Part 1
  6. Major Prophecy From Major Prophets, Ezekiel Part 2
  7. Review Course 1: Not All Covenants Are Equal
  8. Unmixing The Gospel
  9. Macro View 1: Relationship Vs Rules
  10. Macro View 2: Experience Vs Information
  11. Macro View 3: Grace Vs Works
  12. Your Hand Isn’t Bigger Than The Room
  13. 10 Key Questions
  14. 9 Perils Of Modern Discipleship
  15. Covenant Righteousness
  16. What Does It Mean To Be Holy?
  17. Justification And Sanctification
  18. God’s Faithfulness To Law Gives Us Confidence In Grace
  19. Marriage To Law
  20. Sabbath As God’s Dominion Over Creation
  21. Sabbath As Gospel Prophecy
  22. Arks And Baptism
  23. Wombs And Skulls
  24. Serpents And Saviors
  25. Where Life Does Not Exist, Life Will Be Abundant
  26. You’re Not Dying, You’re Dead Part 1
  27. You’re Not Dying, You’re Dead Part 2
  28. You’re Not Dying, You’re Dead Part 3
  29. Hello Life! (3 Ways To Stay Dead)
  30. 3 More Ways To Stay Dead
  31. Conceived By The Spirit Of Christ
  32. Dance With The Spirit Who Brung’ya
  33. Find Your Seat And Stay There
  34. Avoid Entrapment
  35. Quit Remembering More Than God
  36. Forget Sin, Don’t Focus On It
  37. How The Patient, Ravished Heart Of God Transforms Us
  38. Gaining Worth By Love, Not Labor
  39. Born Of Love, Conceived In Victory
  40. Desire Begets Desire
  41. The Painful Gap That Provokes Passionate Love
  42. The Divine Romance
  43. Open The Eyes Of Our Hearts, Lord
  44. To Him Who Has Eyes To See: Revelation Unto Application
  45. Confess The Truth Like Life Depends On It
  46. Renew Your Mind, Part 1
  47. Renew Your Mind, Part 2
  48. Exercise Purity Of Conscience
  49. Evangelize Your Own Heart
  50. Get Wise To Thought Battles Part 1
  51. Get Wise To Thought Battles Part 2
  52. Stay In Faith
  53. Entering His Consecration
  54. Practice New Covenant Hermeneutics 1
  55. Practice New Covenant Hermeneutics 2
  56. Practice New Covenant Hermeneutics 3
  57. Serpents And Saviors Part 2
  58. The Full Measure Of History
  59. Slow & Steady Wins The Race
  60. Find A Better Music

We are convinced of the Biblical truths contained in this course and offered without fluff or filler. If you are not fully satisfied with the life-changing impact of this course, simply let us know within 21 days and we’ll fully refund your purchase, no questions asked.

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Good question! Briefly, here are five reasons:

  1. Whenever people invest money into something, they tend to value it more and subsequently dedicate quality time and attention to it. At a practical level, we’ve seen too many lives changed by these courses to risk accidental neglect. Asking you to invest in the course is meant to encourage you to value your own discipleship journey. Note: If you have a prohibitive financial need, email us. We’ll make it work for you.
  2. The Apostle Paul said “a workman is worthy of his wages” (1 Tim. 5:18). While Paul worked bi-vocationally to assure that he could minister the gospel free of charge wherever he travelled, he also did not shy away from exhorting those who received from him to give in kind, for their sake and for his.
  3. As a matter of personal stewardship, each course requires a significant investment of time and resources from teams of people who each work to make a living. These costs are absorbed in development, and recouped in delivery when people purchase.
  4. Similar courses  are available costing hundreds more. Related, consider just a few years ago when sermons were delivered on CDs. A 5-disc set with far less content could easily cost $40-90, and that doesn’t factor in inflation! DVDs cost even more.
  5. With a Money Back Guarantee, you have zero risk.

No matter the depth or maturity of your history with God, you’ll be overwhelmed and amazed at The Power of Your New Creation Life.

Immerse yourself in the "breadth and length and height and depth, so you can KNOW the love of God" (Eph. 3:18)

“My mind has been thoroughly blown. This course is so full of spiritual food . . . it’s liberating.”  M. Stewart

“The New Creation course changed my life. I feel a safety with my Father I’ve never experienced before, and a rest I’ve been seeking for a long time. I’m amazed.”  – C. Craft

“Highly recommended.”  N. Cashew

“Dean’s teachings changed my heart.”  – L. Miller

“This course was so deep and meaty. Not milk at all. After just a few teachings, I cried and cried. I feel so much freedom to pursue God in a deeper way.” – D. Chapman 

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