In 1948, in North Battleford, Canada, believers understood the times enough to realize that the global fast of Joel 2 had begun to bring forth the promised latter rain. At that point, Israel and the Church began to move in a synchronicity few have appreciated. In particular, note the Lord’s zeal for the restoration of the land. First, we all know the founding of the modern state of Israel, but we miss the timing of it in conjunction with the first global fast in nearly two thousand years. Is that a coincidence? No, it is a fulfillment of Joel 2!

“Consumed:” Unique 40-Day Devo Provides Fuel and Focus for Fasters

Drawing inspiration from Psalm 40 and Isaiah 40, Consumed is written in simple, encouraging language, composed day-by-day during the author’s own forty day fast. Thus, the insights come to you in “real time” — exactly what you need for each day, like a friend who knows how to speak to your heart. Each brief, daily devotional helps to focus the soul in a posture of humility and repentance for the ultimate goal of personal renewal. Have you lost direction, focus, vibrancy? The ancient solution is to give yourself to an extended, 40-day fast.