Simplified Contest Rules

To minimize confusion, here’s a simplified version of the rules in 6 easy steps. Don’t rely on these alone. You should still review the full “Terms and Conditions” since the details will make a difference in your chances of winning. Remember, this is a publicity contest for The Legends of Karac Tor, so not any photo entry will do. Here’s how you play:

  1. Click on the “Enter the Contest” tab at my Facebook Author Page
  2. Upload a photo of yourself reading one of my books to the Contest App and my Wall. Since the contest app only allows one entry, other photos (i.e. other books in the series) ALL go to my Wall.
  3. Bonus 1: Inside the Contest App, “Share/Post” a comment to your Wall. (Trust me, you can’t miss it)
  4. Bonus 2: Before leaving the Contest App, promote the contest by specifically tagging five or more friends
  5. Stay tuned to Facebook and Twitter for Wild Card challenges that can increase your point total
  6. Get your friends to vote for your photo (for the Second Place prize)

Each point you earn represents an entry on a list. At the end, I will randomly select a winner from all entries. Since sharing gets you the most points/entries, it also increases the chances your name being drawn. Hopefully, that’s the brilliance of my little plan, in that I can either tell a bunch of people to read my books…or I can make it fun and rewarding (via the contest) to enable readers to do it for me, i.e. show themselves reading LoKT all over Facebook. Which is more persuasive? I think you are, hands down. Read the points breakdown in the full rules, but Sharing and Promoting is the clear path to victory, I guarantee it.

Plain and simple, I’m trying to help people discover my books. To thank you for helping me, I’ve invested in some pretty great prizes. I want to build a relationship with my readers that will last for many, many years. I also want to spread the word about other great fantasy authors we all know and love. Who knows, if Reader’s Dream goes well enough, maybe I can make it an annual event?

Hope this clears things up. I also hope it’s fun for everyone. In advance, thank you!

NOTE: For those without Twitter accounts, you can still “Follow Me on Twitter” using the tab on my FB wall.

©2023 Dean Briggs Ministries

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