Three for #3: A Review for a Song!

Due to FB’s stringent contest rules, I had to relocate the contest info here. Sorry for the extra step!

INTRO: Beginning immediately, I’m going to give away 3 free, signed copies of Book 3: The Song of Unmaking to 3 separate winners! Winners will receive their books just as soon as the book releases next month (late October).

MY OOPS, YOUR WIN: For those who don’t know, there’s a huge, accidental cut-and-paste error in Corus the Champion that was made AFTER the final proofing stage was complete. As it happens, a tornado ripped through my editor’s hometown this Spring. While coordinating relief efforts, right as my book was about to go to press, he inadvertently pasted a phrase from his email into my book. Boom! The results are comical and absurd. You’ll have to read page 309 to see for yourself.

Five thousand copies later, you can imagine my delight with a totally random reference to  ___ ___ Baptist Church. And kettle drums. Brilliant! Worse, I didn’t even know about it until a month after print. After I calmed down, I chuckled, and then I was sobered. Really, I only lost a little bit of pride and ink. Others lost their homes, or worse. So now I’m attempting to squeeze a little lemonade out of this lemon. Maybe there’s an upside for you, too. If you own the first print run of Corus, can you say “Collector’s Item?

CONTEST: It’s real simple. The first three favorable reviews at that briefly mention any portion of the following:

  • the page number
  • the name of the church
  • the name of the mountain
  • the context of the scene
  • the two Barlows that are present
  • or in some other way jokingly point out the mistake…

…will win a copy of Song of Unmaking. It really is that simple! I want to promote this because I think prepping readers will help them to not be too thrown off when they read it for the first time.

Two caveats: obviously, the review should be about the book and only incidentally mention the error. Also, if you’ve already posted a review, sorry, you’re ineligible. After you post your review, it is your responsibility to email with your name, address, and Amazon username. Then when I get my books, you’ll get yours!

Oh yeah…an even BIGGER, COOLER contest is coming very soon, so Like my Facebook page to stay tuned for more info.

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