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“Briggs will no doubt be lauded for his clever writing and delectable prose, but his strength is his ability to tell a story. Themes of faith and redemption ring loud and true without seeming manufactured or irrelevant to the story. Young and old alike will be charmed and captivated by D. Barkley Briggs and his exceptional storytelling prowess…a groundbreaking new series.” — TheChristianManifesto.com

“Magic and folklore at its very best.” — GP Taylor, New York Times best-selling author

“The kind of fiction this world desperately needs…a gripping read stuffed with emotion…you will remember for years.” — Ted Dekker, New York Times best-selling author

The Book of Names springs from the same mythic source as the great epics from Lewis, Lucas, and Lawhead. Briggs braids ancient strands of Arthurian myth together with his own homespun thread into a complex tapestry of magic and meaning, bravery and brotherhood.” — Jeffrey Overstreet, Author of The Auralia Thread

The Book of Names weaves a tale that is both thrilling and wrought with hope. D. Barkley Briggs is a new and welcome voice in fantasy fiction.” — Wayne Thomas Batson, Author of The Door Within Trilogy

“The lyrical prose suits his intriguing tale and heightens the feel of another world. The Book of Names is sure to gather a following among young and old fantasy lovers.” — Donita K. Paul, Author of The Dragon Keeper Chronicles

“In the same vein as such master fantasy writers as J. R. R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, author D. Barkley Briggs has penned a superb fictional tale… The Book of Names is fast-paced and compelling, and readers will be clamoring for Briggs’s next installment in this exciting and worthy new series.” — Teenreads.com

“The Book of Names is an epic fantasy with a strong Christian element woven in, telling the story of two teenage brothers who are offered unique power to change their world. Highly recommended.”  — Midwest Book Review

“Corus the Champion will capture your imagination and leave you begging for more.”FictionAddict.com

“Corus the Champion is everything we waited for…full of surprises, with layers of legend, faith and magic. Highly recommended.”  — Kaci Hill, co-author with Ted Dekker of Lunatic and Elyon

“An adventurous romp into an imaginative world. Any child with a head in the clouds would enjoy [The Song of Unmaking].” — ChristianBookPreview.com

“Unique…awesome…amazing.” — FlamingNet Book Reviews

The Legends of Karac Tor will appeal to teens with themes of brotherhood, loyalty, and good vs. evil. The books pay homage to Narnia, Arthurian legend, as well as Nordic and Celtic mythology. A well-written series, both character and plot-driven. Recommended.” — Christian Library Journal

“I am amazed at how this epic continues to expand with more and more subplots, all braided together in a wonderful way. You and your kids will love it.” — The Christian Fantasy Review